Being a leading social enterprise dedicated to engage People of Differences (PoDs) to create social impact, Dialogue Experience provides series of innovative Impactaintment (Impact + Entertainment) and transformative experiences including Dialogue in the Dark (2009), Dialgue Experience - Silence (2011), DE Empower (2016), as well as DE Mobility (2017).
Moving forward, Dialogue Experience will continue to advocate inclusion and diversity for an inclusive Hong Kong with two "i"'s innovation & inclusion. 2019 marks the 10th Anniversary and we are going to launch a series of programs to celebrate the occasion in the coming months. 


Please join us and build an inclusive society together!



10th Anniversary Logo
The DE 10th Anniversary Logo is designed by Mary Yiu*, our PoD graduate of 1st cohort of DE Empower.  She brings “I” and colors into the design:
“i” – Our mission is to engaged People of Differences (PoD) to create social impact in Hong Kong.  We will continue to advocate inclusion and diversity with “innovation” & “inclusion” which has been incorporated in our 10th Anniversary Logo.
Colors - Orange, Purple, Blue, and Red represents our four core business units including Dark, Silence, DE Empower, and Mobility.  We look forward to introduce more new impactainment experiences and add more colors for an inclusive Hong Kong in the coming future.
*Mary Yiu is a POD with cerebral palsy.  She loves drawings and arts very much.  She studied visual art design in her school age and worked for different design work before.


10th Anniversary Promotion

In celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Dialogue Experience, you can now join our Experiential Dark Tour at Birthday Ticket Price on or before 30 June 2019 if you get any of “1”, “0”, “D”, “A”, “R”, or “K” on your HKID Card Number!    Join us and celebrate the DE’s 10th birthday together!  Act now and get your tickets here!    (Terms and conditions apply)

*The promotion ends 30 June 2019, thanks for your support!



Brand New Activities in the Dark

Our brand new tour - Adventure in the Dark has been launched from 1 April 2019! Please refer to Adventure in the Dark for more information!