About Dialogue Experience

Dialogue Experience was launched 2014 as a rebranding milestone and managed by Dialogue in the Dark Hong Kong Ltd.  Dialogue in the Dark is a social enterprise founded by Dr. Andreas Heinecke in Germany in 1988.  Over 6,000 visually impaired worldwide, they can earn a living and gain social recognition by means of Dialogue in the Dark.  Its first launch in Hong Kong in 2008, co-founded by Patrick Cheung and K K Tse and has endeavoured to promote equality in society through a sustainable business model. Dialogue in the Dark Hong Kong (DiD HK) is one of the most successful social enterprises in Hong Kong. 

By providing innovative Silence experiences in 2012, we envision there are more innovative experiences in future development and bring new perspective of social inclusion, diversity and equality to general public, corporate, tourism and education sectors of the community.

As a leading social enterprise brand and a must-see experiential experience in Hong Kong, Dialogue Experience continues to harness social innovation with differently-abled People of Differences.

Our Mission

Engaging people of differences to create social impact

Core Values

We demonstrate our enthusiasm in every encounter
We bring up problems and have the courage to take initiative to change
We value differences in people
We enjoy work and togetherness