1.  First Social Enterprise (SE) in HK engaging People of Differences (PoD, People with disabilities ) to create social impact
2.  First SE to be funded entirely by individual shareholders
3.  First SE to attain profitability two years after launch
4.  First SE to use the 3-thirds model for profit distribution
5.  First SE to distribute dividends to shareholders from the third year onward
6.  First SE among the DiD family to create Concert in the Dark
7.  First SE to launch a series of Dialogue in Silence products
8.  First SE (in the world) to attain the No. 1 position in TripAdvisor listing of top tourist spots of its resident city
9.  First SE to have 50% PoD as core management team
10.  First SE to serve PoD and pay income tax to government for most of the years