Corporates’ Talents Acquisition

DE Empower: Career Empowerment Platform for People of Differences
Supported by Strategic Partner and Sponsor Lee Hysan Foundation
§ Managed by Dialogue Experience
* Talents with Disabilities are “People of Differences” (PoDs)


DE Empower collaborates with our Champions* in recruiting and training PoDs of Diploma level or above, including graduates of Visual Impairment, Hearing Impairment, Physical Impairment, Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Learning Disabilities. We have a variety of openings ranging from IT, Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing to Human Resources etc.

*Champions are the participating employers.


>> Job Descriptions (more are coming!) 




DE Empower Champions:


1. Centaline Property Agency Ltd. 中原地產
2. Delta Asia Securities 滙業財經集團
3. Education for Good 仁人學社
4. Fossil Group
5. Fruit Build & Design Ltd. 豐展控股有限公司
6. Gammon Construction Ltd. 金門建築
7. Gaw Capital Advisor Ltd. 基匯資本
8. Hang Lung Properties Limited 恆隆地產
9. Hysan Development Co. Ltd. 希慎興業有限公司
10. Juven
11. Kowloon Watch Company 九龍表行
12. KPMG 畢馬威會計師事務所
13. Le Prabelle Hotel 儷凱酒店
14. Lotus Tours Ltd. 安達旅運
15. MAST Education
16. Modern Living Property Management 雅居物業管理有限公司
17. National Hotels
18. Omega International Health Service 卓薈國際醫療
19. PCCW HKT 電訊盈科
20. Po Leung Kuk 保良局
21. Sony Pictures Television 索尼影視
22. SQUINA 雪肌蘭 
23. Stan Group 陞域(控股)有限公司
24. Sunshine Laundry 陽光洗衣
25. Sunta Chemical Ltd. 新達化工有限公司
26. Swire Properties Limited 太古地產有限公司
27. The Wave


DE Empowerment Group Photo 

DE Empower provides PoDs with a 6-month job immersion experience via trainings and real business project to empower them to fit into mainstream employment. By unleashing the potential of PoDs, they can land on a potentially desirable job and develop their own career.
DE Empower features:
1.    ≥ 600 hours on-the-job training & project(s) in dedicated champion’s office 
2.    ≥ 50 hours personalized inclusive job coaching
3.    ≥ 120 hours business projects at Dialogue Experience 
4.    ≥ 270 hours Business Curriculum Training & Ability Enhancement Training  
•    130-hour course covering skills in business communication, leadership and project management
•    140-hour course in career planning, survival skills at workplace, interpersonal skills, etc.
5.    Site visits & sharing sessions by business leaders

We are recruiting Cohort 5 trainees!
The 5th cohort of the Program will start on 2nd January 2019, please submit your CV and application to de.empower@dialogue-experience.com.hk
Application deadline: 30th November 2018
Application & Enquiries:
Ms Delphica Chan
Tel: 3996-1938/ 3996-1923
WhatsApp: 9091-8422