Corporates’ Talents Acquisition

DE Empower: Career Empowerment Platform for People of Differences
Supported by Strategic Partner and Sponsor Lee Hysan Foundation
§ Managed by Dialogue Experience
* Talents with Disabilities are “People of Differences” (PoDs)


DE Empower collaborates with our Champions* in recruiting and training PoDs of Diploma level or above, including graduates of Visual Impairment, Hearing Impairment, Physical Impairment, Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Learning Disabilities. We have a variety of openings ranging from IT, Accounting, Business Administration, Marketing to Human Resources etc.

*Champions are the participating employers.






DE Empower Champions:




DE Empowerment Group Photo 

DE Empower provides PoDs with a 6-month job immersion experience via trainings and real business project to empower them to fit into mainstream employment. By unleashing the potential of PoDs, they can land on a potentially desirable job and develop their own career.
DE Empower features:
1.    ≥ 600 hours on-the-job training & project(s) in dedicated champion’s office 
2.    ≥ 50 hours personalized inclusive job coaching
3.    ≥ 120 hours business projects at Dialogue Experience 
4.    ≥ 270 hours Business Curriculum Training & Ability Enhancement Training  
•    130-hour course covering skills in business communication, leadership and project management
•    140-hour course in career planning, survival skills at workplace, interpersonal skills, etc.
5.    Site visits & sharing sessions by business leaders

We are recruiting Cohort 6 trainees!
The 6th cohort of the Program will start on 2nd July 2019, please submit your CV and application to de.empower@dialogue-experience.com.hk
Application & Enquiries:
Ms Delphica Chan
Tel: 3996-1938/ 3996-1923
WhatsApp: 9091-8422