Precious Moments in the Dark creates Precious Family Times for You

Nowadays, smartphones and social media are the key communications trends and even daily habits of everyone in an urban city, such as Hong Kong. A survey shown that these communications trends definitely affecting the family relationships by reducing their face to face communications, and sometimes even having disputes due to the over used of smartphones or social media.

Being the busy metropolitans, we are too busy for daily lives and the communications time between families is being so precious, whether to the kids or to parents. Dialogue in the Dark now presents to latest dark tour, Precious Moments in the Dark, a 75-minute dark tour specially designed for families. Through different scenes and tasks, using all senses but eyesight, to understand and communicate with family members directly. Let’s put down the smartphones and enjoy the unique experiences from the dark. And create the precious moments between family members.

Precious Moments in the Dark details: Buy Ticket

  Time:   75 minutes (Please refer to online ticketing page for available time slots)

  Dialogue in the Dark Experiential Exhibition
  (Shop 215, 2/F Nob Hill Square, 8 King Lai Path, Mei Foo, Kowloon)

  Language:   Cantonese (English session by request)

  HK$300 (1 adult + 1 Child aged 18 or above)
  HK$250 (1 adult + 1 kid who is between 5-17 years old)
  HK$220 per person (1 additional adult)
  HK$110 per person (1 additional kid who is between 8-17 years old*)
  *For safety reason, only children aged above 5 are allowed and aged 5-8 must be accompanied by an adult (paid customer)

  Reservation & Enquiries:

  (852) 2310-0833