What is iCorp?

DE endeavours to advocate Inclusion and Diversity in mainstream employment


1. Nurturing corporate culture;

2. Arousing awareness on disabilities, and;

3. Encouraging sustainable employment of People of Differences (PoDs). 

iCorp recognizes and appreciates the ability and potential of PoDs and believes they are valuable people capital that can contribute to the workforce of the society.


Why does DE pioneer?

1. Identify and recognize ability rather than disability

2. Nurture a new perspective of social inclusion, diversity and equality

3. Have rich experiences in sustainable empowering VI & Deaf for over 7 years, and proven track record of enabling PoD to pursue their dreams

4. Align with company mission to invite key stakeholders to engage PoDs to create social impact jointly



iCorp Award


iCorp Star Award and Corporate Champion recognize corporates that:

1. Share our values of iCorp

2. Invest to nurture an inclusive workplace through different authentic experiences, diversity orientation

3. Employ PoDs in a sustainable way.


What consultancy services does iCorp offer?

What does iCorp envision?

1. Unleash PoD’s potential to be a valuable people capital to mainstream workplace and society

2. Encourage Corporations to recognize and appreciate PoD’s ability, hence to support PoD employment stability

3. Leverage resources from different sectors to address social issues – PoD inclusion and workplace diversity on people with disabilities 

is the corporate pioneer honoured with the iCorp 1-STAR Award and recognized as an iCorp Corporate Champion by an independent Advisory



Inquiry: 3996 1930

Email: workshop@dialogue-experience.com.hk