Dialogue in the Dark Exhibition

Cuddle in the Dark Tour 2019



Let’s have a romantic date with your lover in our Cuddle in the Dark tour now!  In this 60-minutes love in the dark tour, cuddle in your partner’s arms, feel the love and enjoy a very special, memorable, and loving moment on this dating.    Don’t miss it and make your reservation today!



Sessions of Cuddle in the Dark :



  Starts from Cuddle Up

  Starts the Dark Tour by sharing 1 white cane

  Cuddle our Loved Ones

  Bless your love with making wish with your partner

  When you’re Lost...

  Can you find your partner by his / her voice directly?

  Cuddling Dance

  Dancing and cuddling with your partner

  Treasure the Love

  Dress-up for your partner in complete darkness


Details of Cuddle in the Dark:


  Starting from 16 March 2019


  60 minutes (Please refer to official website for the exact time)


 Unit B, 7/F, D2 Place 1, 9 Cheung Yee Street, Cheung Sha Wan


  Cantonese, English / Mandarin session by request 


  HK$440 for each couple

 Enquiry & Reservation:

 Buy Ticket

 Contact: (852) 2310-0833

 Whatsapp: (852) 2310-0833



Terms and Conditions:

1. Number of participants: a maximum capacity of 8 people per tour, i.e. 4 couples at maximum. And participants must enrol in even numbers.
2. Combination: Couples in a relationship to participate as there will be close interactions during the event.
All visitors are encouraged to arrive 15 minutes prior to their ticket time. Late-comers will not be admitted due to the specific set up of the Dark Exhibition.
4. As the entire Dark Exhibition is in complete darkness, all light-emitting devices such as watches, mobile phones/blackberries, cameras, or other glow-in-the-dark ornamentations are prohibited.
5. No Photography or recording is allowed in the tour.
6. Language: Cantonese / English (Advance arrangement is required and not guaranteed depending on manpower).
7. Whole experiential tour is conducted in complete darkness, please inform our tour guide if you feel uncomfortable, and you will be guided back to the light immediately.
8. The following people are NOT allowed to join the tour due to safety issues:

  • Pregnant
  • With heart disease or related diseases
  • With Claustrophobia
  • Severe mental illness / mental retardation / autism
  • Feeling uncomfortable, taking medicine or alcoholic drinks before tour

9. Visitors will be provided free secure lockers to keep their personal belongings.
10. To provide visitors a comfortable and secure experience in the dark, closed-circuit televisions are in place throughout the Dark Exhibition.
11. Outside food or beverages are not allowed. However, during the Dark Experience, beverages and light snacks will be available for sale. Visitors can purchase them with cash.
12. Tickets sold are non-exchangeable, non-refundable after the transaction is completed and void if expired.
13. Please refer DIALOGUE IN THE DARK EXHIBITION POLICIES & SAFETY ADVICE for more informations.
14. For Walk-in enquiries, please call at 2310 0833 for the reservation. We might not be able to arrange extra tours for walk-in participants.