In Dialogue Experience, "People of Differences" means People with disabilities such as the blind, the deaf or the physically impaired. All of them have different abilities or talent, we build a platform for them to showcase their abilities or talent.  In addition, we create opportunities to let "healthy" people regain their awareness of "People of Differences" and to gain new knowledge and understanding.  It is our mission to engage "People of Differences" to create social impact.


Eunice Hui

Eunice Hui, Dark Workshop Assistant Manager


Ms. Eunice Hui is diagnosed of macular disease at twelve years old. She only has less than 10% vision now.

Eunice studied in New York and joined Dialogue Experience - Dark in 2010.  She is now working in the Dialogue in the Dark Exhibition and being the Dark Workshop Trainer with trilingual, as well as Exhibition Tour Guide, and Event Host.  Except monitoring and maintaining the quality of workshops, Eunice also training of new staffs and bringing up new elements to a series of workshop.


POD Jen Fong Profile Pic
Jen Fong

Jen Fong – Assistant Event Manager


Jen was diagnosed with primary macular degeneration when she was in primary school.   She has less than 10% of eyesight now.  As she grows up, Jen always overcome all kinds of psychological and environmental barriers bravely.  With her own experiences and the platform of "darkness", Jen wants to show "different people got own talent" to the public, so to promote social inclusions.  


Jen joined the Dialogue Experience - Dark in 2011.  She is now not only conducting dark tours in Dialogue in the Dark Exhibition, but also being the coach for Dark Workshops, as well as planning various kinds of activities, such as Dinner in the Dark, Concert in the Dar, and festivals activities, etc.



聽障培訓導師Keith照片Keith Lee

Keith Lee – Dialogue in Silence Director


Mr. Keith Lee, who became deaf at his age of 3 because of a fever.  When he was small, he was impressed by the western Broadway musical through the TV.  After growing up, he has become a unique physical actor, has worked with different performing groups, performing in Hong Kong and overseas.  Keith believes that physical performance can be understood by everyone which do not limited by the languages.


Keith joined Dialogue Experience - Silence in March 2010, and being the deaf trainer after a set of trainings.  He is now responsible for planning and leading the Silence Team to arrange different Silence Workshops, or Silence le Cabaret, etc.


視障培訓師Julian照片Julian Zhu

Julian Zhu, Dialogue in the Dark Global Master Trainer & Dialogue Experience Community Inclusion Consultant


Julian Zhu, suffering from congenital glaucoma, with more eyesight initially, but became blind as early as his teens. He is now completely blind.  After his graduation in United State, Julian worked in Beijing and participated in the production of the English Braille version of A Dream of Red Mansions.


Julian joined and has been the founding member of Dialogue Experience in February 2009.  He is now responsible for all the planning and training for dark workshops.  Julian also is the consultant who provides social inclusion advices for different organizations in Hong Kong too.