1. To understand the use of accessible facilities
  2. To get to know about the daily life of disabled people
  3. To learn about the abilities of disabled people
  4. To learn the right attitude to communicate with disabled people
  5. To help students develop empathy through disability awareness games



The workshop duration is around 1.5 hours.  The program is designed and held by people of differences. Our trained tutors can go to visit schools in different districts and organize the Activity Day at the schools. Through disability awareness games and sharings, students will learn to develop empathy, understand the difficulties of the physically disabled, as well as their abilities.


How it works

(A) The Activity Day is held by people of differences (a visually impaired tutor and a physically disabled tutor). Please ensure that there are accessible facilities such as wheelchair ramps and lifts at the school for our tutors’ convenience.

(B) The Activity Day is held by two visually impaired tutors.



Cantonese / English


Target participants

NGOs, schools and universities


Registration & Inquiries

Tel: 2310 0833

Email: youth.edu@dialogue-experience.org.hk