Objectives: We Care Program is designed to support vulnerable groups during pandemic period, by delivering them santiary packs,  contacting them via regular caring calls, and educating them health information.  Throughout the program, our ​PoDs (People of Differences: visually impaired and hearing impaired staff) make a paragdim shift by changing role from receiver to giver. 

Target: vulnerable groups including visually impaired elderly, elderly under CSSA, low income families, refugees and needy in community

Period:Mar - Jun, 2020; Aug - Oct, 2020 (materials collection : other than masks and hand sanitizer, we welcome your participation to the "Dialogue Experience We Care Mooncake Donation Program", buy and donate your Hidden Dialogue mooncakes to the needy this year)

Program Details (welcome to click and hyperlink to the corresponding videos below)


1. Source and prepare sanitary packs: We collect masks and hand sanitizer donations from general public and corporates and our PoDs (visually impaired and hearing impaired staff) prepare santiary packs

2. Dispatch sanitary packs to vulnerable groups: Our volunteer team (with PoDs) delivers sanitary packs, interact and share preventive hygiene measures with the needy including visually impaired, elderly, elderly under CSSA, low income families and refugees.

3. Conduct caring calls: Our PoDs manage regular 1-hr caring calls to target group of 200pax on a weekly basis to provide emotional support

4. We have also produced anti-pandemic education materials, a total of  7 video clips 及 10 audio clips, for organization to share with their members.